Willkommen am Bertolt-Brecht-Gymnasium

Das Bertolt-Brecht-Gymnasium ist eine Schule mit offenen Ganztagsangeboten in Brandenburg an der Havel. Die Schule liegt im verkehrsgünstigen und ruhigen Stadtteil Nord. Sie wurde 1964 als polytechnische Oberschule Bertolt Brecht gegründet und nach der deutschen Wiedervereinigung ab 1991 als Gymnasium weitergeführt. Im Rahmen einer Festveranstaltung im Brandenburger Theater am 10. Februar 1996 wurde unserer Schule erneut der Name Bertolt Brecht verliehen.

Wir eröffnen Schülerinnen und Schülern aus dem gesamten Stadtgebiet und den umliegenden Gemeinden die Möglichkeit, an unserer Schule die allgemeine Hochschulreife zu erwerben.

Spracherlebniswoche 2023

Hey guys!

So the last week before summer break was the most amazing week ,like an eleven out of ten, for some of our ninth graders. Now you wonder why? Well luckily I’m prepared to explain to you why the week was so nice and amazing and just perfect.

Basically in the ninth grade you get the opportunity to participate to a so called Language-week (Spracherlebniswoche in German), in this week you get a visit from people whose mother-tongue is English and you get to experience a whole week just English. Now some might say “ugh I don’t want to speak English for one entire week” but trust me, it is worth it!

Next question that may or may not came up to your mind is “well what did you do this week?” so…. We got split into two groups of around 14 people, my group got Sophie and the other one got Mala. And Sophie was a fun teacher so it never got boring. The first day was a get-to-know-me-day, Sophie made us sit in a chair circle where we just sat and chat. The first question of every day was “How are you feeling, one to ten, and why” and then just some random thing she wanted to know. She also introduced a new game to us called “Splat” but I won’t explain it because it would take too long. On the second day we where introduced to their hobbies, Sophie’s hobby is drawing so we got to draw comics! And it was a lot of fun, some drew their self's, some drew some of their friends, I drew my boyfriend, it was basically “Yeah, draw yourself or someone else as a superhero on a comic book cover” after that Mala practiced our dance we needed to present on Friday. Day three was an “prepare for the presentation on Friday”-day, but we also did a city-tour with Sophie, we introduced her to Brandenburg and made urban legends about some places like the Marienberg or Gotthardt-church, we also went out to eat at “Kartoffelkäfer” to introduce Sophie to the German cuisine(she liked it!). On day four Sophie prepared a little escape room we needed to solve, after solving it we got the last things for our presentation done and had a Pizza-Party with Sophie. On Friday we were all kinda sad that Sophie left us but our presentation was still amazing!

Hopefully our now new ninth graders will participate at this week and will enjoy it in all it’s colors :) Also special thanks to our support association(Förderverein) that you guys made it possible for our ninth graders to have this experience and for not making us pay that much, thank you very much!!

Anyways, thank you for your attention and enjoy your summer break :)

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